Typically from Poperinge

  • Poperings Standevleesch

    Poperings Standevleesch

    This salted, smoked and cooked ham is served with seasonal vegetables and was introduced as a local dish for the 500th edition of the "Maria Ommegang" in 1979. It is generally served with a "plokkerssause" (gravy-like sauce), which is rather more of a sour sauce having a stock base with onions, tarragon and a dash of vinegar. The word "plokker" refers to the "vrimde plokkers" or "foreign pickers" who came to Poperinge en masse in the 50s to hand-pick the hop cones until there were only bare bines left.

    Various restaurants have the "Poperings Standevleesch" on their menu.

  • Kabeljauw aan de schreve - Border Cod

    Kabeljauw aan de schreve - Border Cod

    The "Poperingse Keurbroederschap De Witte Ranke" (Poperinge Brotherhood of the White Stalk) - whose objective is to promote the region's gastronomic qualities - was of the opinion that the menus of the Poperinge restaurants lacked of a typical fish dish. Numerous local chefs and creative leaders joined their culinary forces and, in 1986, launched their "Border Cod", a cod dish consisting of cod in a light sauce with local blonde beer and cream. Everyone knows cod, and the "schreve" (which, literally, means "line", as in "overstepping the line") refers to the border between France and Belgium, which is approximately 5 km from Poperinge. We can therefore truly speak of a fish dish pushing back frontiers. 

  • Hop Sprouts, Poperinge's white gold

    Hop Sprouts, Poperinge's white gold

    Hop plants do not only produce hop cones but also hop sprouts and those hop sprouts form a valuable product. We refer anyone who wants to satisfy his or her hunger with this delicatessen to the many restaurants where hop sprouts are used in a most exquisite local dish. Only available in March.

  • Terrine De Witte Ranke

    Terrine De Witte Ranke

    In 1991, after De Witte Ranke decided that the local cuisine needed a typical starter, a terrine of rabbit combined with the Sint-Bernardus Tripel beer from Watou was selected. The end result that the chefs' creatively prepared dish produced was a delicate, tasty and soft terrine served with sweet-sour garnishing: a typically Flemish delicacy of rabbit with beer and prunes re-created into a delicious starter.

  • Poperingse Keikopjes

    Poperingse Keikopjes

    Thse coffee sweets are made of an egg-white base, almonds and candy sugar and were presented for the 800-year anniversary of the Friday market in 1988. The 'Keikopjes' are available at the local pastry of Marc Sansen.

  • Hommelientje


    Hommelientje is a chocolate made from hop extract and dark chocolate.

  • Mazarine Cake

    Mazarine Cake

    This is a spongy cake in hot sauce with butter and cinnamon. Cardinal J. Mazarin, statesman under Louis XIV, allegedly gave his name to this regional dessert, the name of which is probably derived from the Italian "mazzerare", immerse.

  • The Poperingsche Kruydekoecke

    The Poperingsche Kruydekoecke

    The "Couque Royale", is made and sold by patisserie Vandecasteele as "Poperingsche Kruydekoecke". The Kruydekoecke is made of honey, yeast, spices, rye flour and a number of other ingredients.

  • Houblonesse Jam

    Houblonesse Jam

    Houblonesse jam is made in the traditional manner and has a hop base. This jam preserves the character of the hop sprouts and its unique crop. There are no aroma, essence or colouring additives added at all.

  • Marc de Houblonnesse

    Marc de Houblonnesse

    This drink is made of hop sprouts which exude their aromas for one month and makes for a rugged mixture. The Marc de Houblonesse is formed by distilling this mixture and allowing it to mature on oak and in this way develops into a drink that caresses your taste buds. The wonderful aromas of the hop sprouts come into their own, both in the nose and the mouth. Pure enjoyment... 

  • Houblonesse Jenever

    Houblonesse Jenever

    Houblonesse is a traditionally distilled gin of 35°. Besides the traditional spices, hop sprouts are added during the distilling process. You will find that the Houblonesse Jenever has the genuine, natural aroma of the hop sproutsand a distinctively mild taste.

  • Poperingse Houblonesse spletters

    Poperingse Houblonesse spletters
  • Houblonesse Chocolate

    Houblonesse Chocolate
  • Caramel Sauce Houblonesse

    Caramel Sauce Houblonesse
  • Keikoppen Cheese

    Keikoppen Cheese

    The Keikoppen cheese was jointly created by 't Groendal cheese farm and Sowepo. This unique collaboration produced a creamy, fibre-rich cheese, which truly does justice to the flavour of the hop shoots and preserves their character and unique culture. No aromas, flavouring, or colouring agents are used in its preparation. A pure artisan production process guarantees a superb quality product. This is the very first time that a cheese has been produced using hop shoots, making the Poperingse Keikop a world first. The cheese is a genuine farm product and is a designated 'local' product. The Keikop cheese won bronze in the white-mold cheese with additions category at the World Cheese Awards 2013!

  • Hop pate

    Hop pate

    In 1987, Luc Sohier launched the hop pate for the occasion of the Hop Procession. He prepared this paste according an old recipe. A few years later, hop extract was added as natural preservative. This pate is prepared according to an age-old tradition from start to finish, without adding colouring or preservatives and it is available all year round.

  • Hennepot


    This is the oldest speciality from Poperinge, said to be as old as the Maria-Ommegang, a 500 years old procession. This cold dish, based on a mixture of chicken, rabbit and veal in a gelatin sauce, is traditional mainly during the week of the funfair (1st week of July) but can be eaten throughout the year.

  • Hommeldruppel


    This (35°) gin made from corn is spiced with Poperinge hop and is the product of the cooperation between 't Hoppecruyt, a hop cultivator from Proven, a village which falls under the municipality of Poperinge, and the corn distillery of De Jans from Kortrijk.

  • HOPsaKEI


    The HOPsaKEI is a silver, brilliant aqua vitae with pleasant aromas and flavours of drupe, raspberry & lemon and contains the spiciness of hop. This distillate has the class, timidity and finesse required to be included on the menus of various first-class establishments.

  • Poperinge Hop buds

    Poperinge Hop buds

    The "Poperingse Hommelknopjes", a unique combination of chocolate, local beer and hop. "Hommelknop" is the Poperinge name fo the hop cone, which also refers to the shape of the chocolate. The chocolate, is filled with a home-made ganache based on the local Watou Tripel beer, with a dash of hop addes to it.

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